Kenny K. Lee


Inbox Zero

November 10, 2012

Inbox Zero, GTD, whatever we name it…I have to be very proactive to keep my inbox clean. It’s part of my daily routines so that email doesn’t ruin my life.

When I have a backlog of emails, it affects my attention and my ability to focus.

After reading many books, blogs, article, here is my sweetspot.

  • Delete/Archive – I want it out of my inbox ASAP! Deleting is priority. If you can’t delete, then Archive the email.
  • Do – If it takes less than 2 mins to respond…DO…IT…NOW. No more than 5 sentences.
  • Delegate – Give as much as possible to someone else.
  • Defer – If it takes more than 5 mins, put it into your defer folder. My “defer” folder is named “Action”.

Bottom line

Go quickly through your email, so that you can focus on DEEP WORK.

“Emailing” does not equal productivity.