Kenny K. Lee


Lavaman - Meet My New Gear

December 20, 2011

Countdown: 15 weeks to race day.

15 weeks until the day I swim, bike, and run at Lavaman. For the past few weeks, I have been getting familiar with the gear that I had to purchase.

It seems silly, but trying to figure out which goggles, headlamp, and shorts to buy, all took much more time than anticipated. I wish someone just handed me a list of things to buy, but I must’ve missed that email, so I had to research each item.

For example, I had no idea that tight swimming shorts are called jammers (right-side in picture). Nor, did I know that there are tri-shorts (left-side) designed for swimming, biking, running, with padding in the butt area.

Also, because I train during dark, cold nights, I had to buy bike leg warmers, gloves, hat, and a headlamp. If you have any recommendations for me, or would like links to products below, let me know.

Run / Bike / Run Training

This past Saturday, there was a run/bike/run training about 4 miles away from where I live. Since I don’t have a car, I had to ride my new bike there (this was only my 2nd time on the bike). Less than a mile later, I noticed that my tire was running a little low on air.

But, I was prepared. Someone advised me that I should buy and take along a bike pump during my rides. All good, right?

Newbie error…I didn’t realize that the valve of the pump and the tire didn’t match. So instead of filling the tire with air, I let all of the air out.

If I was few years younger, I probably would’ve cried.

I almost started to walk back home with the bike, but I took a deep breath and started running to the training location 3 miles away…with the bike by my side.

It was a great decision. As soon as I arrived, coach and mentor quickly filled my tire with air, and even reconfigured my pump so that the value matched (all I had to do was flip around the pump’s value….doh!).

I had an awesome workout, burned some calories, then consumed back those calories afterwards during breakfast with great company of fellow TNT participants, mentors, and coaches. GO TEAM!

Keep on running! Kenny