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href attribute 'do nothing' trick
April 10, 2017technology

I learned this trick from Chris Coyier was speaking at Event Apart Seattle 2017 . It’s a common practice to set the anchor element’s href to , when you don’t want anything to happen when user click…

April 10, 2017some-tag

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Duhig, Charles. Smarter Faster Better
June 02, 2016learning

Overall This book is not what I expected. I thought it was going to be another self-help, productivity book (which I seem to be addicted to). Rather, it provides insights into human psychology…

Magazine Reading Hack
December 16, 2012learning

I almost gave up reading magazines. Few years ago, I received an email from an airline, that my milage points were going to expire. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite have enough to redeem a ticket…

Inbox Zero
November 10, 2012personal

Inbox Zero, GTD, whatever we name it…I have to be very proactive to keep my inbox clean. It’s part of my daily routines so that email doesn’t ruin my life. When I have a backlog of emails, it affects…

HP EX485 - Install Ubuntu + Amahi
August 26, 2012personal

I purchased the HP EX485 early 2009, but it has become useless to me since I switched to a Mac. With the release of OSX Lion, there is no solution that I’ve been able to find to use OSX Time Machine…

Lavaman - Mission Accomplished
April 12, 2012personal

Fundraising Simply amazing. At the beginning of the race week, I was only at 80% of my fundraising $4,000 goal. By the end of the week, I was up 110% of my goal. Final fundraised amount = $4,39…

Lavaman - Less Than a Week To Go!
March 27, 2012personal

Less than a week until the triathlon in Hawaii… Fundraising I’m 80% there. $3,215 of $4,000 goal. I have few more bucks trickling in, but I don’t think I will raise 100% of my goal. I’ll just be…

Lavaman - Domo Arigato
January 14, 2012personal

Countdown: 11 weeks to race day 11 weeks until the day I swim, bike, and run at Lavaman to help cure cancer! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this year brings joy and happiness to you and your family. Domo…

Lavaman - Meet My New Gear
December 20, 2011personal

Countdown: 15 weeks to race day. 15 weeks until the day I swim, bike, and run at Lavaman. For the past few weeks, I have been getting familiar with the gear that I had to purchase. It seems silly…

Reason Why I'm Fundraising & Training
December 13, 2011personal

Almost 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer…Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was a difficult experience for Amy (wife) and I because we went through it without the support of my immediate family. It…

My 1st Marathon - Team in Training
November 29, 2010personal

The original blog about my experience as cancer survior and training for my very first marathon is here .